Monday, September 3, 2007

Griselda Honeycomb

Is a local prostitute, well known for both her beauty and fiery temper. Beloved of the guards, local men and children, she is a shunned by most of the local women. She lives in the red house next to the 'Eel & Spindle' but has little to do with the inn where Magda Featherlock forbids her to enter. Griselda lives with her business partner Sandy who is another prostitute. Unlike most prostitutes Griselda does not have a pimp and she manages to stay in business by cultivating protection of the local guards who in return for her favours keep undesirable men at bay. The arrangement, though well known amongst the locals, is fairly obscure to outsiders and there is much lewd speculation and gossip surrounding Griselda and Sandy and just what they get up to.

Griselda is approaching middle age but still retains the beauty of her youth. Her hair is blonde and usually pulled back to reveal her face which is strikingly beautiful. Her skin is the envy of all women and the object of admiration of most men. She is quite tall, almost statuesque and has a voluptuous figure. She is often referred to as the Queen of Shepherd’s Way

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