Friday, July 13, 2007

Consuela Brackenbridge

Author of petty romance novels. Voluptuous of mind, broad hipped with narrow shoulders. Dark eyes and a great mass of curly dark hair, usually dyed to a chestnut tint. Full red lips. A mouth, both sensual and greedy. Has an over all wild and greedy look about her. Owns a shop selling wool, coloured fabrics and home made garments. Has become a social gravity point for several hundred sexually frustrated women who read her books and frequent her shop. Conveys an aura of mystical eroticism whilst appearing to be unaware of it. Men find her attractive but many are in awe of her predatory charisma. Woman are drawn to her due her perceived strength, though many are equally repulsed by and/or jealous of her.

She lives alone. Her husband was killed by a bolting horse when she was young. Now middle aged she has several flirtatious admirers and engages in sporadic affairs.

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