Monday, September 17, 2007

The city walls

About two years ago I conceived of the idea of making some city/castle curtain walls and set about acquiring some scrap wood and cutting it down to size. I eventually settled on ten parts at 10 cm each. This is enough to span the width of our gaming table (when used in conjuncton with two towers I am also building).

Each element is coated with polyfilla which has been carved to replicate masonry. This was a difficult process to undertake at first because I didn't realise how long to allow the polyfilla to dry. Subsequently all my first attempts are rather messy and not very 'brick like'. It was only with time that I realised that allowing the polyfilla to dry for 90 minutes or so was the best option as it became easier to sculpt the bricks rather than make impressions in the wet polyfilla. At the same time, one must not let the polyfilla dry to long lest the polyfilla hardens to the point where scratching it will simply erode the surface into dust.

Once the polyfilla sculpting was finished, it was simply a matter of grounding the models with matt acrylic black and then dry brushing gradiating tones of grey to simulate a stone finish. Dry brushing is an art in itself and I find that the larger the surface area the harder dry brushing becomes. All in all I am fairly satisfied with the finish which I weathered with some guache tints before varnishing with acrylic matt varnish.

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