Thursday, November 22, 2007


Slapershaven is the village around which Chapter 3 of the game takes place. These images are a rough guide to what the village will look like. The idea is the village is built on a small out cropping of rocky ground at the point where to small rivers meet at one end of a small lake. The model boat indicates where the two rivers meet and the idea is the waters surround the village on all sides except where the palisade completes the villages defences. There are currently six 'houses', one of which is an inn and another is a general store/smithy two barns and a headman's hall. Naturally this is just a rough idea of what the village will look like so I may change some details later on, possibly add a building or two depending on how much time I can devote to further building projects...

1. The house of Bernold Bokkel & family.
2. The house of Pieter Garrison & family.
3. A barn/stable belonging to Bartlemy Linschoten.
4. 'The Merrye Badger' inn belonging to Samuel Leadfern.
5. General store & smithy of Bartlemy Linschoten & family.
6. The hall of village headman Herluf Brethouwer & family.
7. The house of Mattheus Lowhouse & family.
8. Watch tower.
9. The guard house of Reynold Klompenhower & son.

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