Friday, December 14, 2007

The Garrison family

Pieter Garrison is a tall, quiet man with a distinct gleam in his eye and a calm understated manner that contradicts his good humour. Married to the jovial Hermina Garrison, and despite his relative poverty, he is widely held to be the happiest man in the village. A small holder and fisherman, he lives with his wife and two children. He is in his early thirties, has the typical blonde hair and red face of the local people and is usually to be seen wearing simple working clothes.

Hermina Garrison is probably the most well liked woman in the village due to her beauty charm and wit. She has blonde hair and clear blue eyes, is often to be found in her small garden plot surrounded by children or talking to her neighbour Isobel Bokkel. Due to her popularity, Hermina is often seen to be the voice of reason in the village, though she seldom interferes in the petty intrigue and gossip of the village elders.

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