Monday, July 30, 2007

Aurore Marrow

Wife and mistress of the home to Augustus Marrow. She is a tall, spare woman with large teeth and a long nose. Perpetually neurotic she is often observed peering through the windows of her home or staring down at passers by from her balcony. Surrounded by numerous cats, she seldom leaves her house, prefering to send a servant to fetch what ever she requires. Most of her neighbours enjoy her discomfort which provides them with plenty to laugh about, but no one dares to laugh to her face, for not only is her husband a very influential man about the city, but she herself, when roused to a temper is capable of unleashing an excess of anger which would shame a Gorgon.

The extent to which she is aware of her husbands wandering hands is unknown, but her suspicious glaring and tight mouthed nature have led many to assume she is. Alas, her nature requites little sympathy in her neighbours however, most assume her waspishness justifies her husbands unfaithfulness.
She appears to have very few friends, though occaisionlly other wives from amongst the merchants guild will gather at her home for an evenings social entertainment.

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