Saturday, July 14, 2007

Captain Leander Quartermoon

The youngest of the three captains living in the Captains Tower, where he resides in the main quarters, Captain Leander commands all the guards along the western wall of the city, including the guards living in the Barracks Tower. He is a young and energetic man but has the appearance of studied indifference characteristic of the younger generation of the merchants class from which he hails. He is tall, slender and blonde. He has blue eyes and a long nose. His forehead is high and his hair combed back giving him an aura of intelligence which contrasts vaguely with his apparent ease of manner.

He is well liked my most every one. His men, considering him to be practically a noble, are devoted to him and can often be over heard in the inn comparing him most favourably to Captain's Dogwood and Woodrow. Captain Quartermoon is known to be betrothed to the maiden Gutrune, a fact which causes much comment, gossip and lament amongst the local female population, not least since the young maiden is an extremely beautiful young woman and the sight of her and the young Captain watching the sun set atop the Captains Tower (with a chaperone of course) is a common sight much remarled upon.

Captain Quartermoon is the highest authority of law in the game after the players.

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