Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Captain Woodrow

Is a large man, middle aged and still yet a commanding presence despite his florid features and alcoholic's nose. He has a heavy body and large arms with muscles slowly turning to shit as he drinks himself into oblivion. Woodrow has a strong, tanned face with the brooding eyes of an aging bull. He wears stained and worn garments of a martial nature and a dark travel worn cloak. He carries his helmet and sword around, and yet is seldom seen in public wearing his uniform surcoat or captains insignia. No one knows his first name, but the word has gotten around that the local prostitutes call him 'stumpy'.

Woodrow has been disgraced due to drunken behaviour and although his connections have seen to his commision not being revoked, he has been left to rot in the Captains Tower by the Marshall of the City. Consequently Woodrow spends his days drinking. In the meanwhile he lives along side Captain Dogmoss in cramped quarters, eclipsed by Captain Quartermoon.

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