Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tomas Fennel

Is a small, wiry man with pale watery eyes, a scrawny unshaven face with a high forehead and lank greasy hair. In his mid 40's he wears unkept working clothes; dark trousers and a millers tunic stained with dust and ink.
He is a petty criminal , drunkard and all around unappealing character. Officially, he is a man servant to the Captain of the Guard, but since Captain Quartermoon has his own man servant, Fennel has been relegated to serving Captins Woodrow and Dogmoss, neither of whom place any great burden upon him except for demands for alcohol. Tomas spends most of his spare time loitering around the Eel & Spindle vainly attempting to seduce some of the girls there.

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