Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Magda Featherlock

Heavy set, gruff and ruddy faced. Magda Featherlock is the wife of Trevick Featherlock, owner of the Eel & Spindle. A dominating woman she labours ceaslessly to maintain the inn and is most usually found in the kitchen or scullery berating her staff or complaining loudly about what ever problem her eye has lit upon. Usually this is the laziness of her niece Meredith or the loose morals of the prostitutes next door. Of an evening she can often be seen in the tap room cackling over a pint of beer with her husbands patrons whilst boasting of her son's exploits. She wears sensible, plain working clothes and does not care about dressing up her square, tub like body. Her grey streaked hair is often untidily stuffed under a scarf or tied in a loose knot and her body has a strong odour of soap about it.