Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trevick Featherlock

Owner of the Eel & Spindle inn, Trevick is a long faced, dour man who can be found, day and night standing behind the bar in the tap room of the inn. Taciturn by the long practice of lending an ear to the drunken confessions of his patrons, he has become an almost invisible fixture of the inn leaving all the duties of running the establishment to his wife Magda.

Now well past middle age he has the dazed look of a man whom life has sped by whilst tempered by the softening effect of his years. Good natured at heart, he soldiers on, ever weary and yet ever persistent. Getting up every morning to shave and go about his duties he can sometime be heard whistling a melancholy tune from a high window. He dresses plainly in heavy dark clothing and keeps himself tidy and presentable. Almost every one local knows him by name and will greet him with a smile but few share his confidences. Of an evening he sometimes indulges in a drink or two, but is never seen drunk.

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