Monday, April 21, 2008

The Leadfern family

Samuel Leadfern. Originally from Takshendal, he is considered something of an intellectual in the village, though of late he has been bed ridden with a horrible wasting illness of unknown origin. As owner of the only ale house in the region, Samuel is well liked, though few will actually claim to be his friend and in these days of pain and torment, most people stay away from the tavern as Samuel’s groans and occasional shrieks can easily be heard in the tap room.
His wife was the first victim of ‘the creature’.

Juliana Leadfern. The daughter of Samuel and Melody Leadfern. Juliana is considered the prettiest girl in the village and is the object of desire for several of the young men in the surrounding neighbour hood. She is eighteen years old, with long fair hair and a pale complexion, but recent events have put an uncertainty in her bearing and shadows form easily under her eyes. She wears practical clothing as the running of the tavern has become her job since her father took ill. It is widely believed her father will die soon and as she will inherit the inn. This has lead to much speculation amongst the villagers as to which lucky young fellow will win her hand in marriage.

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