Monday, April 21, 2008

The crew of the Stella

Albinius Moonshank: Is a famous local trader. The only ship owner who can be bothered to take his vessel (Stella) as far up river as Slapershaven, he has a practical monopoly on all trade to and from the village. Subsequently he is very popular and welcome in every house hold. He usually stays a few nights at the hall of Herluf Brethouwer whilst goods are being loaded and unloaded. Albinius makes one trip to Slapershaven six weeks or so except during winter. He is a large, heavily built man, in his mid fifties, yet still hale. He wears a lot of clothing, including a headscarf to keep the sun off his bald head. His wife died many years ago and he sometimes sleeps with various women along the river. This and his generosity to these women, has given him a reputation as a lady’s man. He has not however any such lady friend in Slapershaven, though in times past he has been known to flirt with some of the local women from outside the village during local festivities.

Lukas Moonshank: Young, compact and some what muscular, Lukas is Albinius Moonshank’s only son. He is a quiet, calm man who gives the impression of controlled strength masking possible violence. He is handsome, but not charming, and lacks his father easy going manner. He wears armour when ever strangers are on the ship, or when the ship is docked and seldom leaves the ship, acting like a guard. He is armed with multiple weapons.

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