Monday, April 21, 2008

The Linschoten family

Bartlemy Linschoten: A stocky, middle aged fellow with unusually wiry hair and an olive skinned complexion. There is something of the southerner about Bartlemy and if asked he will explain his grand father was a Mursulan. Bartlemy is a blacksmith and with his wife, he also runs the only store in the region. Together with Herluf Brethouwer, he buys and sells local produce to the trader Albinius Moonshank. He is an introverted fellow who gives the impression of never having time for idle talk.

Catalyn Linschoten: Is a local woman who was once considered something of a beauty but whose looks have faded fast in recent years. Now middle aged, she has two Megina and Justus. She is a reserved woman who listens to gossip from her customers, but is sparing in what she passes on. She is tall, blonde and wears long flowing dresses.

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