Monday, April 21, 2008

The Lowhouse family

Matteus Lowhouse: A tall slender man, Matteus is a farmer who owns several pastures and fields in the immediate area which he works along side his brother and several young men (who all live outside the village). He is quiet, middle aged and some what shabby in appearance but generally well liked both for his generous nature and ability to play the hurdy gurdy. Married to Tineke Lowhouse who is the daughter of the regions richer farmers, he is considered something of a rising star in the region and his voice, though seldom raised, carries weight. He is Pieter Garrisons Cousin.

Tineke Lowhouse: A firebrand of a woman, much given to haranguing her husband over trivial matters, Tineke is feared by most of the children, especially since she is the village school teacher. Though she has no other qualifications than that she can read, write and do basic arithmetic, she teaches the children of the village for four hours every morning in her house. Middle aged and with a ‘belligerent face’, she has never been considered a beautiful woman. She is however quite astute and can spot deceit faster than most. Middle aged, she has two sons named Arnaud and Klaas (she has also lost two children during child birth). She is unkempt and seldom bothers to keep her hair untangled, but is not a dirty person. She is also famed for her baking abilities.

Vonneke Lowhouse: Though old, Vonneke has maintained a certain smoothness of skin that makes her look twenty years younger than she really is. She wears clean, simple clothes and is always seen wearing a head scarf. She claims this is because it is ‘proper’, but the rumour is she is going bald. She is one of the ‘three wise women of the village’, mostly because she is the village midwife. She is well liked and given much respect, especially by the female villagers. Vonneke is determined to find her youngest son Jarolf a wife, but all her efforts have been in vain and Jarolf himself seems indifferent to the idea

Jarolf Lowhouse: Brother to Matteus. Jarolf is generally considered something of a good natured dim wit by the villagers. He is younger by a good ten years, but seems older, mostly due to his beard and his disinclination towards washing. Happy to just work in the fields, or with animals, he is known to have a good way with cattle. Most of the time he lives out of the village, but often he can be found sleeping at his brothers house, enjoying his mothers company. Jarolf is unmarried and is not considered the marrying type.

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