Monday, April 21, 2008

Reynold Klompenhouwer and son

Reynold Klompenhouwer. A former soldier from Takshendal who left the city with his son after he ran into trouble with shady underworld characters. Klompenhouwer is a tall lean man with a heavy moustache, trimmed beard and brooding eyes. He lives with his son Jaki in the guard house. He is employed by the village as a night watchman, to keep the village gate and to maintain law and order.

Jaki Klompenhouwer. At twelve years old, Jaki has taken on some of the responsibilities of helping his father. Essentially this means he guards the village gate from midday until evening, sitting in the watch tower and keeping an eye on the surrounding fields. Most of the time he is dutifully at his post, but every so often he gets side tracked by the other children of the village. He is a cheerful young soul, long limbed and bony, with a shock of blonde hair and a curious nature.

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