Monday, April 21, 2008

The Groot brothers

No pictures since these characters are not 'on table'

Adolphus Groot. A local outlaw. A former farm hand who slew his master several years ago and then fled into the wilds with his brother. Since then he has lived as a hunter, sporadically preying on the local farmers live stock. It is believed the Groot brothers live some where up in the mountains but their hide out has never been discovered. Armed with the sword he took from his former master, Adolphus is a some what hot headed man, quick to attack and something of a natural talent. He wears leathers and has a helmet and shield. He is tall, muscular and lithe and some what dirty and unkempt.

Berthold Groot. Like his brother, an outlaw. Berthold is a fatter, easier going man than Adolphus. Less likely to start a fight. An expert hunter and tracker. He is broad faced with pocked cheeks and a weather beaten face. He wears animal skins and leathers and has a spear and shield

Both brothers are regarded with a begrudging admiration by most the villagers. This regard is not shared by Herluf Brethouwer however who has lost cattle to the brothers in the past. He has often called for punitive expeditions, but these have seldom yielded any results and few of the villagers care to take part. The farmers who live in the region outside the village hate the brothers as they have suffered more at the hands of the theiving outlaws. They often join Herluf's expeditions.

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